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The balancing act of business technology
October 31, 2011

The balancing act of business technology According to a recent Property Casualty 360 article, on-the-job training has changed dramatically with the proliferation of technological advances in the business world, and many employers now expect a certain level of technological literacy, as computer software systems have become more intuitive and applicants are increasingly familiar with digital networks.

Business technology tools, like a tablet computer, smartphone or DLP projector, are ubiquitous in today's advanced or mobile office, and companies rely on these tools to communicate with employees and clients alike.

In the insurance industry, the source noted, new technology and a demographically diverse employee base has changed the job of the salesman or underwriter. Access to advanced metrics and instantaneous information has made risk assessment simpler and agents more flexible, able to access information on the go.

Despite the convenience of these devices and methods, however, the source maintained that the diverse employee base means companies have to develop methods of technology integration that appeal to a number of different types of employees, neither abandoning traditional methods of business and ostracizing the older employee demographic, nor ignoring advances in technology that younger employees see as the wave of the future. 
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