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Gamers to plug into a new router
July 25, 2011

Gamers pair top-of-the-line routers with advanced projectors to create immersing video game experiences Cisco recently announced a new wireless internet port, dubbed the Linksys WES610N Wireless-N Dual-Band Entertainment Bridge. The upgraded offering is intended for use by home entertainment systems and video game enthusiasts who compete against other players online.

"With Internet video usage exploding and sales of wireless-enabled products steadily growing, consumers need more from their home networks than ever before," said Brett Wingo, general manager of Cisco's Home Networking business unit. "The new Linksys Entertainment Bridge delivers our trademark wireless simplicity and is the perfect way to supercharge a wireless home network for a high quality entertainment experience."

Online gamers have high processing demands for their internet connectivity, as a well-functioning connection may be the difference between victory and utter defeat. Accordingly, they may want to purchase additional hardware, such as a new audio system, an extended ethernet cable or an HDMI projector, to make for a truly immersing gaming experience.

In recent months, video game hardware and software sales have slumped. However, one company, Take 2 Interactive, was able to avoid the industry downturn as two of its titles, L.A. Noir and Duke Nukem Forever, were the No.1 and No. 2 sellers for the month of June, reported the NPD Group.
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